Please take a look at ministries we're involved in throughout Kitsap County. For more information or to sign-up to be part of one, Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

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COFFEE OASIS OUTREACH TEAM: Coffee Oasis is a faith-based, non-profit organization that consists of two things: coffee shop businesses, and programs for homeless, street-oriented youth. Coffee Oasis seeks to partner with other organizations, civic clubs, and churches to meet the needs of homeless youth. More info about Coffee Oasis can be found at thecoffeeoasis.com


KITSAP RESCUE MISSION: Kitsap Rescue Mission reaches out to the homeless in Kitsap County. KRM provides food, shelter and recovery (e.g., job training, counseling, and encouragement to live for Christ) for the homeless in our county. More info can be found at kitsaprescue.org


SHARENET FOOD BANK & THRIFT STORE: This ministry is an extension of Bayside Community Church. Our food bank and thrift store meets the needs of many people from senior to elementary age children in our county. If you wish to volunteer at the food band or thrift store, please download a volunteer application form at: www.sharenetfoodbank.org and mail it to: ShareNet, P.O. Box 250, Kingston, WA. 98346.


HOSPICE MINISTRY: Volunteers visit hospice patients in their homes to provide the terminally ill comfort and compassion during their final days, and give respite to family caregivers. For more info, visit multicare.org/hospice/.


PREGNANCY RESOURCE SERVICES: PRS supports families experiencing a crisis pregnancy through counseling, prayer, and various resources - helping them navigate their situation in a life-affirming manner. Visit prskitsap.org to find out more about PRS.


MISSIONS TEAM: The Bayside Missions Team helps manage the missions budget, communicates with missionaries to determine need, organizes the Missions Convention, and coordinates the Bayside M.A.P.S. teams.


M.A.P.S. (MISSIONS ABROAD PLACEMENT SERVICE): Participating in evangelism and construction projects on the foreign mission field. This ministry is coordinated by the Missions Team. Find out more about M.A.P.S. and Wide Open Missions at wideopenmissions.org/.


HANDS & FEET OF JESUS: Matching skills, talents and gifts in our church with community needs, particularly among low income and poor. This ministry is on-going and as-needed. Needs are varied and occasional and they range from providing a meal, minor auto or home repair, personal ministry, or driving to a medical appointment. ("Hands & Feet of Jesus" also work together with our Hospitality Ministries as described under CHURCH MINISTRIES).


KINGSTON COMMUNITY MEAL: Bayside hosts the Kingston Community Meal the last Friday of each month from 5:00 - 6:15 P.M. This meal is open to anyone in the Kingston and surrounding community. Volunteers are needed to welcome and connect with people, prepare food, set-up, serve, and clean-up. To check out our Facebook page and keep up to date, CLICK HERE.

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